Club Management Made Easy

Less time managing your club means more time doing the things you like to do!

Club Management Made Easy is not just a "catch phrase". It is the reason behind the eClubTracker software.

Grown from a personal need. After being asked to be the Administrative Director of the Adventurers and Pathfinders Club (youth development clubs) I struggled with an efficient way to manage the more than 80+ youth and staff members.  I tried paper journals, Excel spreadsheets, accounting software like QuickBooks, PeachTree but none of them could meet my needs.  Being in the computer industry, I decided to create an online club management software and eClubTracker was born.

Maybe you are in the same situation. Is running your club taking over your life?  Are you looking for a better way to communicate with your members and staff? Are you running out of solutions that just don't work?  We invite you to give the eClubTracker software a try. Register Now and take back control over your time. Join Today!

We can meet your needs. The eClubTracker software has been enhanced to meet the specific needs of the Adventurer, Pathfinder and Master Guide clubs. Please contact us at if your club has specific software needs.

List of Features


Secure Online Access

Secure HTTPS access to your club information from any Internet connection

Enhanced Communication

Built-in Email and Chat feature allows you to better communicate with your members and staff

Track Members and Guardians

Track member information, guardians and even authorized persons that can interact with your members



Track Member Awards, Badges and Requirements

Track any award, honor or badge a member can receive. Track when they received it and requirements completed to earn the award, honor or badge

Track Events / Shared Club Calendar

Track club events on a shared club calendar. Setup one-time or recurring club events. Determine if members can earn points for assisting the club event

Sell Items and Receive Payments Online

Create your own online storefront. Collect payment for items, services or fees (such as club dues) online

Track Instructors & Volunteers

Track instructor and volunteer information including when they served, what classes they taught, etc.

Track Classes & Class Requirements

Track classes offered, class requirements and class requirements completed by each member

Track Member Attendance and Points

Track club attendance and members points

Track Club Sales and Accounting

Track club sales and invoices to members and vendors. Track club accounting

Audit Trail

Audit record stores information on changes made by who and when they were made. 

And Much More ...

New features are added periodically


Basic Level


Limited time only!
  • Manage Club Members
  • Manage Classes and Class Requirements
  • Transaction Audit Trail
  • Enhanced Communication via Chat or email

Standard Level


$ 19 .00

per month ($190 billed annually)
  • Manage Club Events / Shared Calendar
  • Track Member Attendance and Points
  • Manage Member Honors Badges Awards
  • Shared Documents with Members or Staff

Premium Level 


$ 39 .00

per month ($390 billed annually)
  • Manage Instructors, Volunteers and  Guardians
  • Manage Sales, Inventory and Accounting
  • Sell products and Receive Payments Online
  • Get access to all modules and features