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Welcome to eClubTracker
Managing your club has never been so easy. Less time managing your club means more time doing the things you like to do ...
What is eClubTracker ?
eClubTracker is a hosted membership management application built to help manage youth development clubs, specifically, Adventurer, Pathfinder and Master Guide clubs. You don’t need to have a website in order to use eClubTracker, however, if you already do, just create a link to eClubTracker.
Have you ever wanted to:
Have access to your membership database online? eClubTracker uses the flexibility of the Internet to provide a secure and user-friendly access to your membership data.
Increase communication with members, parents and staff? eClubTracker provides enhanced security to allow access to members, parents/guardians, staff and club administrators so that they can stay up to date with club activities.
Maintain a shared calendar with the ability to update it in real time? eClubTracker allows you to add, modify or remove events from its shared calendars and have the changes show up in real time.
Track attendance, member points in a simple way? eClubTracker allows staff to logon from any Internet enable computer and enter attendance and member points reducing the workload for club administrators.
Track honors that are taught and earned by members? eClubTracker allows you to manage all honors taught and earned by members.
Accept registration, dues and other payments online? eClubTracker allows you to collect a variety of payment type including credit cards.
Print member reports, member balances, Conference reports? eClubTracker allows club administrators as well as members or parents/guardians to print a wide variety of reports.
Share documents, pictures, videos? eclubTracker allows you to upload shared documents, pictures and videos.
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